Connecting LloydsDirect directly with your GP means you will first need to register with your surgery for online services. You can then use those details on LloydsDirect to get:

Automatic medication updates

Your GP will manage your LloydsDirect medication list for you. Every time they adjust your medication, your LloydsDirect account will update.

Direct access to your GP's To Do list

LloydsDirect will be able to place your prescription request directly into the GP software they use every day. This means you'll get faster responses to your request.

To get this setup, please do speak with your GP and request the following:

  • Linkage Key/Passcode

  • ODS code

  • Account ID

Once you have done this, you can enter it into your LloydsDirect Account via the Medicines page.

Note: Connecting directly with your GP surgery is optional, and is only available with select surgeries right now. You will usually need to bring proof of identity to your surgery to request the details above.

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