Changing your preferred name

How to update your preferred name, and why we’ll still sometimes need to use your legal name.

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When you first sign up, we need to take your full legal name to find you on the NHS system. But not everyone goes by their full legal name, so you can also add a preferred name to your account.

Note: To change the recipient name on your deliveries, you’ll need to update your delivery address.

  1. Go to Account.

  2. Select your name.

  3. Select Change preferred name.

  4. Edit the preferred name, then select Confirm or Save.

Your updated preferred name should now appear in your account.

We’ll use your preferred name when we communicate with you by email or text message.

When we’ll still need to use your legal name

Updating your preferred name in your account does not change your legal name on your NHS records. We’ll still need to use this name sometimes, such as when we speak to your GP or anyone else from an NHS service.

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